NFL analyst contextualizes Bryce Young's rookie turmoil perfectly

Bryce Young struggled, but he's got the tools to bounce back.
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers turned the page on quarterback Bryce Young's rookie complications quickly. There's no point dwelling on the past. This is all about focusing on the future and making sure the Heisman Trophy winner out of Alabama enjoys better fortunes under new head coach Dave Canales.

Young's received some unjust criticism from sections of the national media. He didn't perform well, but ignoring the mitigating circumstances attached to his failure was harsh. Claiming he was the biggest draft bust in NFL history was nothing short of asinine. Something that added extra motivation to silence these doubters in 2024.

NFL analyst outlines mitigating circumstances behind Bryce Young's rookie turmoil

This was a topic brought up by Adam Rank from when examining Carolina's outlook heading into the 2024 campaign. The analyst acknowledged his flaws but provided the perfect depiction with correct context ahead of his potential bounce-back season next time around.

"Listen, I know you can look at what C.J. Stroud did in Houston and be downright morose about Bryce Young's performance last year. His PFF grade (56) wasn't the best, which might have some Panthers fans clamoring for Jimmy Clausen. But let's have some real talk here. Stroud would not have won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award if he had been playing for the Panthers last year. Hell, I'm not sure Patrick Mahomes could have succeeded with the Panthers offense. I know that's a bit of hyperbole considering Mahomes likely would have been just fine. But when you have to reference the best quarterback in the league to make that example, it goes to show just how dire things were in Carolina. I'll kindly ask this of you: Give Young one season with Dave Canales, an improved offensive line and some upgraded weapons before we completely write him off. Sometimes you need to chill."

Adam Rank,

He's right. Everyone needs to relax.

Young walked into a toxic environment last season and suffered accordingly. Nobody could have thrived with the Panthers last season. If the roles were reversed with C.J. Stroud, the No. 1 pick's first year in a professional environment would undoubtedly have gone better. But that's life.

Canales is here to change all that. The head coach boasts proven credentials when it comes to galvanizing struggling quarterbacks. He's working on Young's fundamentals first. After that, he's convinced everything else will fall into place.

The Panthers believe in Young. They spent almost every significant resource on enhancing his supporting cast throughout their first offseason with Dan Morgan as general manager. The offensive line got nastier with the arrivals of Damien Lewis and Robert Hunt. Several intriguing pass-catching weapons were acquired via free agency, the draft, and the trade market to further assist.

Nobody is expecting much of the Panthers next season. At the same time, Young is under more scrutiny than most given his lofty draft status and how things unfolded in 2023. After all, it's a quarterback-driven league.

Young has the right environment. He's got the tools. It's harnessing them in a positive direction that became an ongoing frustration under the previous regime. What comes next is down to him.