Bryce Young can galvanize Carolina Panthers' career with one quick fix

It sounds so simple...
Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone acknowledges Bryce Young's rookie campaign fell way below expectations. Most are now coming round to the fact he was seriously let down by the Carolina Panthers.

Some analysts have been quick to lambast Young without taking a deep dive into the mitigating circumstances attached to his demise. This wasn't an opinion shared by the Panthers, who did everything possible to provide the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft with a more prosperous environment throughout another dramatic offseason of change.

Every position group on offense was upgraded. Young has a renowned quarterback developer - head coach Dave Canales - working on ways to improve his output. He's also molding a scheme around the player's strengths rather than attempting to throw him into an already-devised system.

The pressure is on Young to improve. Nothing but noticeable strides in a positive direction will do. The spotlight is glaring brighter than ever, but the former Alabama star remains confident in his ability to become a franchise-changing presence under center.

Analyst believes Carolina Panthers can fix Bryce Young with better decision-making

Trevor Sikkema from Pro Football Focus highlighted the important evaluation facing Young in 2024 after placing him at No. 25 in his preseason quarterback rankings. The analyst noted his flaws but felt things could progress once the decision-making reached NFL standards.

"[Bryce] Young’s rookie season was, well, about as bad as it gets. His 52.6 passing grade ranked 41st among qualifying quarterbacks, and his 27.6 passing grade under pressure was the worst in the league. The [Carolina] Panthers' situation was equally as bad as it gets, so it’s hard to put all of that on Young. He was brilliant at Alabama, but there clearly wasn’t any confidence for him in 2023 in Carolina to replicate it. His overall athletic deficiencies (size and strength) were glaring last season. More confidence and better decision-making can get Young on the right track. 2024 will be an important evaluation season for the former No. 1 pick."

Trevor Sikkema, PFF

Young's got the supporting cast and the structured environment many thought Frank Reich and his supposed all-star staff would provide last time around to no avail. Making the most of it is crucial in his quest to silence some ever-increasing doubters.

This is likely going to be a two-year evaluation of Young. If he doesn't take off after this point, the Panthers will seek alternatives. Until then, they're fully committed to the signal-caller.

It's a high-stakes situation for Young. At the same time, he's focused on the task at hand and taking on Canales' teachings effectively. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator believes the alterations needed are minimal, but everyone must do their part to make this substantial investment pay off accordingly.

Young isn't lacking self-motivation. The confidence is coming back gradually and he's moving with increased purpose to further raise optimism. But until we see the Heisman Trophy winner in a competitive setting, those who were so quick to write the player off will continue adding fuel to the fire.

The only person who can turn this tide is Young. Something he'll be striving for with everything he has to accomplish in 2024 and beyond.