How Bryce Young is smoothing pivotal Carolina Panthers transition

Bryce Young
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How is quarterback and No. 1 overall selection Bryce Young smoothing his pivotal transition into the Carolina Panthers this offseason?

It would be easy to excuse Bryce Young for being a little overwhelmed after so much attention and scrutiny leveled in his direction over the past few months. The quarterback has been picked apart more than most, but whatever doubts surfaced about his chances at the next level were not enough for the Carolina Panthers to deviate from their original plan.

Young was always their guy at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. It's something the signal-caller hasn't taken for granted, leaning on what got him this far to ensure his transition from college to the pros goes according to or perhaps even better than expected.

The former Alabama star is a willing learner and an elite-level processor. This has enabled Young to pick up the playbook quickly and even correct a mistake during the first portion of OTAs according to teammate Andy Dalton.

Carolina Panthers have a willing learner in Bryce Young

Frank Reich added that Young had complete command during his first session alongside established figures within the locker room. While it seems remarkable given the timeframe and other commitments he's been involved with since hearing his name called first, it's a testament to an outstanding work ethic and a fierce desire to be the absolute best.

When asked about his approach so far, Young stated via Augusta Stone from that even though being the first pick was nice, it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. He's just a first-year guy looking to make his way like everyone else and unless the commitment is there, the Heisman Trophy winner will get found out in a hurry.

"Where I was drafted doesn't entitle me to anything in this league. I have never thrown an NFL pass in a game; I haven't done anything. I have no stats, no wins, nothing. So we're all on an even playing field. Once you get to the league, where you get drafted, that doesn't entitle me to anything. So I have to work."

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This is the exact message portrayed to the quarterback by Tom Brady during their recent get-together in California. The legendary figure spent time with all four top prospects from the 2023 class, which provided Young with valuable insight into the sort of mentality that gets an NFL player to the top and keeps them at the summit for an extended period of time.

"I was able to ask him some questions about his career, kind of his mindset going toward it. For me, obviously being a young quarterback, I wanted to know things that he wished he knew at this age and things that he felt like were key for him to have success. I think that's something that's pretty invaluable."

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Young's mindset and the fact he's rarely flustered transitions onto the field. The Panthers have placed a significant amount of faith in the player and it's clear there is a real intent to repay it.

There is a long way to go and some potential stumbling blocks are likely to emerge when the regular season arrives, but it's so far, so good. A trend that can hopefully continue long into the future for someone with the NFL world at his feet.