Cam Newton for Carolina Panthers president: Delusional or beneficial?

It couldn't happen, right?

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY

Cam Newton officially lobbied Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper for a prominent position behind the scenes to get fans back in the stands.

It's been a steady decline for the Carolina Panthers since David Tepper bought the franchise for $2.275 billion. Cam Newton has always had his finger on the pulse of Charlotte. Could he be the answer to the team's problems behind the scenes?

After discussing the almost non-existent crowd at Bank of America Stadium in Week 15 against the Atlanta Falcons, Newton lobbied Tepper to become team president. He even offered to work on an incentive-based agreement to further sweeten the spot.

Cam Newton wants to become Carolina Panthers president

Speaking on the 4th-and-1 podcast via USA Today Sports, Newton believes he has the right formula to get fans back in the stands. He also planned to hold the higher-ups accountable and assist in getting rookie quarterback Bryce Young the help he needs to thrive for good measure.

"You know what I would like to interview for? Let me be the team president. And I guarantee you I can sell out. I can give you what you need from Bryce [Young]. I can also speak on terms of what the fans’ expectations is and also have the leverage to hold management and [David] Tepper accountable."

Cam Newton via USA Today Sports

This might have been tongue-in-cheek. It might be serious. But the benefits of Newton getting a role in the front office are obvious.

Many won't think he's qualified. Many will outline his lack of experience and lack of qualifications. But nobody in Panthers franchise history has captivated the fanbase better.

The former No. 1 overall selection's flamboyance, energy, and knowing what makes fans tick thrust the Panthers from a national afterthought into the spotlight. This is a far cry from the current state of affairs. He's also thrived in the business world since being outcast by the league - something that would stand him in good stead were he to get a position in Carolina.

It's a nice thought. Newton cares a great deal about the Panthers and the entire region. Looking at the way Tepper's run things, it's unlikely to become a reality.

One thing Tepper doesn't like is confrontation. He surrounds himself with yes men. He wants to meddle in matters that shouldn't concern him. His ego needs constant pandering. Someone like Newton demanding more and questioning his judgment just wouldn't mesh well.

Tepper and Newton have a history. He approved the quarterback's release in 2020 in favor of moving forward with Teddy Bridgewater. The billionaire went begging to the 2015 NFL MVP for a bombshell return in 2021. Upon reflection, this was nothing more than a publicity stunt to appease an increasingly disillusioned fanbase before he was swiftly moved on again. That's the last we've seen of the signal-caller.

Newton is a savvy media figure when it comes to generating headlines. He knew this was going to create substantial buzz. But weirdly, this unlikely alliance could galvanize the franchise when needed most.

Charlotte was abuzz when Newton was the Panthers quarterback. Not just for his production on the field. He also found a way to connect, engage, and inspire through the good times and the bad.

This doesn't appear to be the sort of radical move Tepper would contemplate. He also has a current team president in the form of Kristi Coleman. She's one of the league's highest-ranking female employees. She's also a long-standing Tepper loyalist and has worked her way up with the Panthers since joining the organization in 2014.

Newton has the best intentions. But this is a non-starter when one factors everything into the equation.