Cam Newton reveals critical Bryce Young advice ahead of pivotal Year 2

The former NFL MVP still believes in Bryce Young...
Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Cam Newton offered Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young some critical advice in pursuit of better fortunes moving forward.

Bryce Young is about to embark on a critical second season. Things didn't go according to plan throughout a turbulent rookie campaign for the signal-caller. However, the Carolina Panthers also need to hold their fair share of responsibility for how things unfolded.

The Panthers' protection in front of Young was abysmal. His weapons in the passing game lacked separation capabilities aside from veteran wide receiver Adam Thielen. Carolina's high-profile coaching staff couldn't get on the same page regarding his development. What was projected to be a fantastic setup for a first-year quarterback turned out to be one of the worst.

Everyone has an opinion on Young, but the most important thing is wiping the slate clean and focusing on making the necessary adjustments with offseason workouts underway. A recent revelation from Cam Newton about the advice he gave the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft heading into Year 2 should also help enormously.

Cam Newton wants Bryce Young to be more vocal in Year 2

During a special appearance with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay, the former Panthers signal-caller urged Young to be more confident about being vocal. This includes on the field and what he feels is needed to improve the overall football product. After that, the 2015 NFL MVP believes everything should take care of itself.

"I remember having a conversation with him during the Super Bowl. I saw him at a party. And I think he needs to understand that voicing his opinion is important. Some quarterbacks have that freedom too. And some don't. You ain't at the age. Or you could tell us who and what you want. Yeah. You a rookie. But you have to, because every offensive coordinator asks their quarterback this question, game on the line, third and fourth, third and eighth, gotta have his situation. Who would you prefer to throw the football to? You see what I'm saying? So game on the line or going into the season, what do you need to be successful? And he needs to have those answers for that. So talk to Bryce. Bryce has to obviously be open to doing it, not doing it publicly. But doing it behind the scenes to say, listen, if we got this person in the draft, this is who I want. That like, I need to be protected. And not to just think selflessly on the offensive side, man, we need defense. We need to control, like understanding what our division is. 'cause first in any type of team atmosphere, you have to dominate your division first."

Cam Newton via Club Shay Shay

Young comes off as polite and relatively quiet from the outside looking in. There's a different persona within the locker room, with many veterans highlighting his killer instinct and a fierce will to win that impressed them most when things got especially tough last season.

This can be difficult for any first-year player, especially one occupying football's most pivotal position. Young is gradually evolving into a supreme leader of men. There's conviction in the way he speaks. Head coach Dave Canales also believes in the Heisman Trophy winner enough to value his opinion when it comes to schematics and personnel.

The Panthers need their substantial investment in Young to pay off. They gave up far more than originally anticipated after giving up the No. 1 pick in 2024 to the Chicago Bears. If significant progress isn't made under Canales' guidance over the next two years, this will be perceived as one of the worst trades in NFL history.

Hopefully, it won't come to that. The Panthers have done a good job of surrounding Young with a more productive supporting cast this offseason. Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis instantly fortify the offensive line. Diontae Johnson's arrival via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers gives the quarterback another prolific wide receiver who can create separation consistently.

Young looks up to Newton, so taking his advice on board would be another sound stepping stone towards a brighter future. If everything clicks into place, those who wrote him off after just one season might be ordering themselves a large piece of humble pie.