Carolina Panthers final game by game predictions for the 2023 season

Can the Carolina Panthers begin to make strides under head coach Frank Reich?
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Carolina Panthers vs. Colts - Week 9

This will be the second straight week where the Carolina Panthers host a first-year quarterback from the 2023 NFL Draft class. Based on multiple reports it appears as if Anthony Richardson was No. 2 on their list behind Bryce Young, which isn't surprising when one considers the exceptional athletic upside at his disposal.

Richardson might be the closest thing to Cam Newton we've seen in terms of size, speed, and physicality. There is some refinement needed from a passing mechanics standpoint, but the Indianapolis Colts clearly feel confident enough in his abilities to throw him in at the deep end immediately.

Prediction: Win (5-3)

That said, being at home and having their own rookie standout, the Panthers can pick up their second-straight triumph after the bye week.

Carolina Panthers at Bears - Week 10

This is one of the most eagerly-anticipated games on the calendar. There is a weird rivalry brewing between Panthers fans and the Chicago Bears on social media, which stems from the bombshell trade between the two teams that landed Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the draft.

The Bears got D.J. Moore and a ton of draft capital out of it, which they feel pretty happy about. This game also happens to be on Thursday Night Football, which is the second and final primetime game for Young unless a contest gets flexed later in the campaign.

Prediction: Loss (5-4)

Again, this could legitimately go either way. Bears fans aren't going to make this a pleasant experience for the Panthers and that might prove decisive when push comes to shove.