Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan reveals importance of not-so-secret weapon

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers general manager Dan Morgan revealed the importance of his not-so-secret weapon heading into his first offseason as front-office leader.

Dan Morgan has an enormous mess to clean up. The new general manager was complicit in the previous regime's failings over three years after returning to the Carolina Panthers as Scott Fitterer's right-hand man. This has led to some concerns about his promotion from those who felt a hard reset would be been more beneficial.

That said, most are willing to give Morgan a fair chance. The Panthers can't get much worse after a two-win campaign that descended into chaos. Something the new front-office leader is looking to improve by re-establishing the team's core ethos and enhancing the level of efficiency throughout the decision-making process.

Carolina Panthers have a secret weapon in Brandt Tilis

He also has a not-so-secret weapon who'll be a huge asset to call upon.

The Panthers secured the services of Brandt Tilis, who was lauded for his salary-cap management during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs. He'll be tasked with the same responsibilities in Carolina and Morgan hinted things are already being done differently thanks to his presence based on comments via the team's website.

"I think we're going to be a little smarter when it comes to the restructuring. We're going do things the right way, not kind of kick the can down the road. We want to evenly distribute and pay year-to-year as opposed to kicking the can down the road. So that's why Brandt's here. Brandt is doing a really good job, and I'm excited for our future."

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One could only imagine the look on Tilis' face when he saw some of the contracts dished out by Carolina's recently fired power couple of Fitterer and Samir Suleiman. They gave away draft picks like they were going out of fashion and handed out way too much money to players who were undeserving. That's without considering letting top-level performers depart and failing to bring in adequate replacements.

Looking back with remorse isn't going to do the Panthers any favors. They need to start looking forward to the future. There needs to be an added sense of purpose within the building. It's not going to happen overnight, but Morgan believes the seeds have already been planted as part of a newfound long-term plan for sustained growth.

"I think our whole scouting staff, not just myself, have a really good feel of what we want, and we're going to be able to go out and attack that. I always think it's a two-to-three-year plan. We're always looking ahead, always trying to, you know, look at future free agent classes, draft classes just to kind of see maybe where we're weak and where we can add in this year and supplement this year, just to plan for the future."

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This is a refreshing change of pace compared to the quick fixes and band-aid reclamation project moves made previously by those who were clinging onto their jobs for dear life. Staying the course with this plan will be paramount. It's an absolute necessity if the Panthers want to be taken seriously.

Tilis knows how to manipulate the cap. He was also influential in building a dynasty behind the scenes. Carolina is a million miles away from emulating the Chiefs' accomplishments and stability. But every team has to start somewhere.

At long last, the Panthers have a traditional structure in keeping with well-run NFL franchises. Team owner David Tepper has also promised to stop meddling in football affairs. That could become the biggest positive of all if the volatile billionaire keeps his word.

Morgan knows what needs to be done and how to go about it from the football side. That's why having an ace up his sleeve to manage the money could be worth its weight in gold.