Panthers News: Anthony Richardson, Bryce Young, LB visit and Greg Olsen thrives

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Carolina Panthers unlikely to trade out of Bryce Young chance

Almost every respected analyst is now projecting Bryce Young will be the Carolina Panthers' pick at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. There's been a substantial momentum shift over the last fortnight, which now has the Alabama product as the clear favorite ahead of C.J. Stroud, who's become a relative afterthought at an important stage of the process.

Nothing is set in stone yet, obviously. But at this point, it would be a major surprise if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn't announce Young's name first from atop the draft. 

While there are some obvious concerns that cannot be overlooked, Carolina didn't make this trade to be cautious. With high risk comes high reward and this is a tremendous spot for Young looking at the roster and the Panthers' exceptional coaching staff. 

When discussing the possibility of whether the Panthers would trade themselves out of Young by striking a deal with the Houston Texans at No. 2 overall, Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated highlighted the logistical complications of such a move, even if it's something general manager Scott Fitterer might like to do. 

"I really think the Panthers see something pretty special in Young, just based on some things I’ve heard. I think they also know even if someone came up to get Stroud, they’d then lose Young to Houston. So my sense would be that even though Carolina GM Scott Fitterer liked the idea of trading back again to pick up some extra capital, the logistics of the situation won’t allow for it."

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

The Texans reportedly love Young and might not take a quarterback at all if he's not available. That, in itself, tells its own story.