Panthers News: Ben Johnson, Bryce Young, Chuba Hubbard and Week 15

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Ben Johnson
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Carolina Panthers begin Ben Johnson pursuit

Frank Reich was sacrificed by Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper after a disastrous start to the season. The billionaire is now seeking his third permanent head coaching hire since buying the franchise. Whether he can make the right choice this time around is the big question.

One could forgive potential candidates for looking at the Panthers as an organization to avoid. But there are only 32 head coaching jobs to go around and Tepper has the financial means to make his preferred candidate a lucrative offer.

It's becoming clear who Tepper's desired man is. Ben Johnson is the league's hottest name in the coaching cycle. According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, Carolina's owner spent a lot of time with his agent during the recent NFL owners' meetings based on information accumulated from sources.

"Carolina owner David Tepper has said he wants his next coach to be there for the next 20 to 30 years, so that alone would eliminate the 71-year-old [Bill] Belichick. Tepper is expected to make another run at Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, and the billionaire spent a good amount of time with Johnson's agent at this week's league meetings."

Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports

If Tepper could convince Johnson to take the job, it would represent a major coup for the Panthers. But unless the conversation starts with a promise to stay out of football matters, then the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator might think twice if other offers are on the table as expected.