Panthers news: Ben Johnson, Champ Kelly, Jaycee Horn and David Tepper

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Jaycee Horn
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Carolina Panthers confusion

David Tepper is a man under pressure. Almost every important hire he's made since becoming Carolina Panthers owner has underwhelmed. If the same occurs during the current cycle - where he's looking for a new general manager and head coach simultaneously - there's just no telling how far it would set the franchise back.

When discussing with those around the league what the Panthers' next moves could potentially be, Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk offered no clues whatsoever. Tepper's impulsive behavior during previous hiring cycles was the primary factor behind this significant confusion.

"Panthers: “Who f-----g knows.” That’s the direct quote from a high-level source with one of the NFL’s teams, other than the Panthers. Owner David Tepper looms over all decisions, and he will hover over the shoulder of whoever gets the job. It’s the least attractive option of all (in my opinion), given that the owner is the most active (and disruptive) to the efforts of the coach to do his job."

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

This might be exactly how Tepper wants it, to be honest. Keeping everyone guessing gives them a sense of mystery that could work to their advantage. This doesn't detract from the severe need to point the right people and let them go about their business with nothing more than passing observations from the billionaire.

Whether Tepper is humble enough to turn this dream into a reality is the big question.