Ranking the 12 confirmed Carolina Panthers head coaching candidates in 2024 so far

It seems like one of these men will be the Carolina Panthers head coach in 2024.

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Who will the Carolina Panthers choose from their confirmed shortlist so far to replace Frank Reich as their next head coach in the coming weeks?

More could be on the way, but the Carolina Panthers already have a comprehensive list of options to become their next head coach in 2024. David Tepper is doing things differently this time around. He fired general manager Scott Fitterer. He's brought in a consultancy firm to assist with the process. This represents the complete reset many fans were looking for.

There's a nice blend of youth and experience in the mix. The Panthers have a solid balance between offensive and defensive guys. They need to sell the project effectively considering the increased competition for jobs after bombshell developments with the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans in recent days.

This has to go right for Tepper. He's come under severe fire for his suspect decisions and petulant acts this season. He can go a long way to appeasing the fanbase by finally providing them with a coaching leader who can lead the Panthers back to prosperity.

With this in mind, we ranked the 12 shortlisted candidates under consideration in terms of preference. For transparency, if Jim Harbaugh becomes a confirmed target, he immediately goes to No. 1 on this list.

12. Carolina Panthers could hire Chris Tabor

  • Interim Head Coach | Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers revealed they'd held a virtual interview with interim head coach Chris Tabor. This was probably more of a courtesy than any legitimate interest. David Tepper is aiming for a bigger fish, but keeping the respected coach around to manage the special teams under his third head coach wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

That would be an idea for the new head coach to contemplate. Interviewing Tabor represents due diligence from the Panthers, but no more than that.