Panthers News: Ben Johnson, Greg Olsen, Thomas Brown and Shaquill Griffin

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Greg Olsen declares Carolina Panthers interest

A few short hours after Frank Reich was fired by the Carolina Panthers, rumors circulated about who might be targeted and who might make themselves available. The most surprising name to surface was former tight end Greg Olsen, who remains closely tied to the Charlotte area and was reportedly eager to put his name front and center right out of the gate.

Olsen discussed this matter in more depth on the Rich Eisen Show. The current FOX Sports analyst acknowledged it was a hypothetical scenario right now, but he would be interested in discussing the matter further with team owner David Tepper based on comments via The Bleacher Report.

"If they said, 'Hey listen, is this something you'd talk to us about?' To entertain and take that conversation, I think that's fairly obvious. How that all plays out, I don't know. I love doing what I'm doing right now… how this future unfolds, a lot of moving parts, a lot of this is out of any of our control. Whether the opportunity comes or not, I don't know. It's a hypothetical situation… in this hypothetical scenario, why not?"

Greg Olsen via The Bleacher Report

This would be a nostalgic story, but it's unlikely to become reality. Tepper is under enormous pressure to get his hire right after failing with Reich and Matt Rhule, so gambling on an inexperienced ex-player in Olsen is a steep too far.

Now if Olsen would consider a front office position, it's a different story.