Panthers News: Brian Burns, Bryce Young, Chris Tabor and fan loyalty

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Bryce Young and Chris Tabor
Bryce Young and Chris Tabor / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Chris Tabor praises Carolina Panthers resolve

It would have been easy for the Carolina Panthers to throw in the towel and roll over after winning once from their opening 13 attempts. So it says a lot about the mindset within the locker room after fighting right until the end in pursuit of victory against the Atlanta Falcons.

This was a sentiment echoed by interim head coach Chris Tabor. The special teams' guru lauded the resolve of his players via Sports Illustrated, who kept plugging away in the face of adversity. A trend he hopes can continue over the next three games before more landmark changes arrive.

"It says we just keep going. I know we're not where we want to be. I understand all that, but based off that tape, you can't question who they are, and I was really happy for them that they were able to break through. Sometimes you knock at the door all the time, and no one answers, and then sooner or later you have to kick it down, and we did it tonight."

Chris Tabor via Sports Illustrated

The joy and relief were evident in the game's immediate aftermath. It's been another season of abject failure, there's no getting away from that. But if Tabor can lead this team to a few more impressive wins down the stretch, it will provide some hope that better days are ahead under another different coaching staff.