Panthers News: Brian Burns, Frank Reich, Marquis Haynes and Chris Wormley

Delving deeper into the latest Carolina Panthers news and rumors from around the media.

Chris Wormley
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Which Carolina Panthers news stories are hitting the headlines as a potential concern emerges heading into Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons?

Anyone who was hoping for a drama-free run to Week 1 where the Carolina Panthers are concerned is already out of luck. Further developments are anticipated in the coming days, but things are hanging precariously as their highly-anticipated clash versus the Atlanta Falcons draws ever closer.

It'll be interesting to see how things unfold. Until then, the stories generating discussion include Brian Burns' status, Frank Reich on preparing for every eventuality, Marquis Haynes Sr.'s significant setback, and the Panthers bringing in an intriguing defensive lineman for a visit.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Carolina Panthers host Chris Wormley

With so many questions surrounding the defensive line and pass-rushing options, it came as no surprise to see the Carolina Panthers take matters into their own hands. According to the NFL's transaction wire, those in power hosted Chris Wormley on a visit, who performed well for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2022 and has experience operating within a 3-4 system.

Wormley would fill an immediate need for the Panthers. They are desperately short of reliable depth on their front three, but the player leaving without a deal means his potential arrival is still hanging in the balance.

Regardless of whether it's Wormley or someone else, Carolina must act quickly. Especially if their ongoing situation with Brian Burns develops into something more complicated at the worst possible time.