Panthers News: Brian Burns, Jeremy Chinn, Thomas Brown and Cam Newton

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Cam Newton
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Carolina Panthers offensive set-up

Arguably the biggest reason for renewed optimism despite the Carolina Panthers languishing at 0-6 is the upcoming shift in offensive approach. Frank Reich has relinquished play-calling duties to Thomas Brown - a progressive young mind from the Sean McVay coaching tree that should modernize the operation effectively over time.

While any major adjustments would have been difficult to implement during the bye week, some slight tweaks are guaranteed. In terms of how Reich plans to involve himself in Week 8 against the Houston Texans, the head coach stated via Sports Illustrated that he plans to take a back seat and allow Brown to run the show.

"I don't anticipate having to contribute a lot. I think the normal third down and red zone stuff, I'm good with Thomas calling that. There might be fourth down situations whether we're going for it, not going for it, and letting Thomas know, hey, we're in four-down territory. I'll interject those thoughts. I'm not saying there won't be a play or two I won't recommend here or there but probably more between series and stuff like that. Thomas is confident and ready to go."

Frank Reich via Sports Illustrated

Micromanaging Brown's every call is not the best way to go about this. It was obviously difficult for Reich to give up such a responsibility, but not that the switch has been made, it's vital that the figurehead gives his offensive coordinator freedom to flourish.

Otherwise, it's going to cause unnecessary complications.