Panthers News: Bryce Young, Adam Thielen, Andy Dalton and Robert Rochell

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Adam Thielen
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Carolina Panthers WR Adam Thielen's confidence

Much has been made about the lack of offensive continuity from the Carolina Panthers this season. There was a keen focus on keeping everything under wraps during the preseason, but there's been a distinct lack of execution over the opening two games and something has to change sooner rather than later.

The wide receivers are having trouble getting open and the running game isn't exactly stamping its authority. That's a recipe for disaster, but veteran Adam Thielen highlighted his confidence that improvements would begin to arrive as Carolina looks to chalk up some wins in the column based on his comments via USA Today Sports.

"I think because it’s early on in the season, it’s more emphasized, right? Like, ‘Oh, they haven’t made any explosive plays. But I think every offense, every team—they go through these times where, ya know what, the defenses did a great job of taking away big plays and forcin’ us to do one certain thing. And, yeah, in this league, do you have to have explosive plays to win games? Yes, 100 percent. Do we have the guys and the players and the coaches to do that? Yes. So for us, it’s just go out there do your job, don’t do anything more than you have to do. And I know I have a lot of belief in the players and the coaches in this building that we’re gonna find a way to win football games and be a great offense."

Adam Thielen via USA Today Sports

Thielen has been the best of a bad bunch in the wideout room currently. Considering his age, that's a damning indictment of young hopefuls such as Terrace Marshall Jr. and Jonathan Mingo over the first fortnight.