Panthers News: Bryce Young, Blake Martinez, the blueprint and Frank Reich

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Frank Reich
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Confidence in Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young

It wasn't the best time for Bryce Young to turn in his worst performance of the campaign. The quarterback has been impressive overall, but throwing three interceptions - two of which were returned for touchdowns - was all his doubters needed to come out of the woodwork.

Young's got an even keel about his demeanor, so he should be able to shake it off. This was a sentiment echoed by head coach Frank Reich, who stated via USA Today Sports that the Carolina Panthers signal-caller is unlikely to go through anything like that again.

"It’s that one-in-a-million game, where you got two of ’em in a game. It’s unfortunate. The plays, Kenny Moore makes two good plays. We gotta find ways to avoid both those things, right? The one in the two-minute drive—our first read wasn’t there, so we’re progressin’ backside. And Bryce is super quick and super accurate at gettin’ the ball out and Kenny just played it right and undercut it. The second one was a screen pass. They had it covered. I mean, the screen pass is covered—quarterbacks know we just gotta dirt that. We just gotta dirt that. So, we learn from that and we move on."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

This sport is not about how you get knocked down, it's how you get back up. Young needs to show the right resolve and others around him - especially the failing offense line - must also raise their performance levels in pursuit of better fortunes at the Chicago Bears.