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Sam Mills
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Conviction in Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young

The talk is already becoming tiresome heading into this weekend's showdown between Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud. Questions about whether the Carolina Panthers made the correct choice at No. 1 overall and building this game up to be something it clearly isn't was an expected frustration, but the whole discussion is moot and completely ignores the encouraging growth made by the former Alabama star from week to week.

It came as no surprise to see this question put to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown during his media availability on Thursday. But make no mistake, the new play-caller remains absolutely convinced Young was the guy after getting the chance to sit down with the signal-caller during evaluations based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"It was kind of a building process. As I mentioned before, I had a chance to kinda talk about him goin’ through the evaluation process while I was goin’ through those five different interviews for the OC positions, and watchin’ tape on all the quarterbacks that were available in the draft. But as I mentioned before, havin’ a chance to actually meet him, sit down and talk with him, talk ball with him, pick his brain, get to meet his family—that kinda solidified more the thought process about why he’s the guy for us."

Thomas Brown via USA Today Sports

Young and Stroud will be compared throughout their professional careers, that's just the way things work. What's important for the Panthers is offering their selection unwavering support and doing everything in their power to ensure his growth continues throughout the 2023 campaign and beyond.