Panthers News: Bryce Young, Brian Burns, Chris Tabor and poisoned chalice

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Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers are a poisoned chalice

The Carolina Panthers are on the lookout for yet another head coach under David Tepper's ownership. This will be his third permanent hire and fourth in total. So the billionaire hedge fund manager cannot get this wrong again.

Considering all the turmoil surrounding the Panthers right now, one has to wonder who'd be crazy enough to take the job. This sentiment was echoed by Peter King of NBC Sports, who urged any progressive coach with options - either in 2024 or further down the road - to spurn Tepper's advances if the opportunity presents itself.

"[David] Tepper is ruthless, but he’s probably intelligent. Assuming Joseph Person and Dianna Russini, reliable reporters, have the story nailed about there being a “Hunger Games” culture inside the Panthers, with various coaches/employees texting and talking to the owner, David Tepper, with scuttlebutt that was negative about Frank Reich. Two thoughts. One: An owner who actively engages with multiple employees in opposition to what the head coach is doing is a big part of the problem. It’s not the owner’s job to encourage employees to undercut the coach. It’s reprehensible that the owner would engage in or encourage that. Two: That franchise is a mess. I think there should be blinking lights to warn every coach who interviews for this Carolina head-coaching job: Beware. If you trust yourself, and if you trust that some other trustworthy, smart owner—unlike what there is in Charlotte—will want you one of these days, just walk on by. Wait."

Peter King, NBC Sports

Tepper might be a meddling, egotistical owner incapable of making positive decisions. But at the end of the day, there are only 32 head coaching opportunities to go around. And now, the Panthers at least have Bryce Young to build around if nothing else.