Panthers News: Bryce Young, Cam Newton, Scott Fitterer and improvement

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Carolina Panthers have belief in Bryce Young

After the Carolina Panthers took Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, it became apparent that this was the guy all along. The process was thorough after their trade with the Chicago Bears became official, but the final consensus was the same.

Young is a hugely impressive figure. The proven production and high-upside traits on the field are obviously important, but it's how the signal-caller conducts himself away from the gridiron that arguably tipped the scales in his favor.

This is something described in further detail by general manager Scott Fitterer when speaking to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk recently. The talent is there, but the Heisman Trophy winner's mentality and social side of playing the position were arguably more impressive.

"You feel the presence of the player, just like the command that they have. As he’s sitting there at dinner, he was so poised and you’re like, ‘OK, if I put this guy in a huddle,’ if Frank and I saying, ‘This is the guy, we’re putting him in the huddle, game’s on the line.’ Bryce is the guy we want our players looking at, knowing this is the guy that can get it done for us. We can win with this guy. And I think that’s kind of where that social part overlaps in the football side when you get to know the person and not just the player."

Scott Fitterer via Pro Football Talk

If it all goes wrong, Fitterer will probably pay with his job. That's the worst-case scenario - something nobody is contemplating right now considering the level of optimism surrounding the franchise.