Panthers news: Bryce Young, Chandler Zavala, Xavier Worthy and Dave Canales

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's excitement

Bryce Young is taking his fair share of criticism this offseason. He's not the first No. 1 overall selection to struggle as a rookie. Unfortunately for the quarterback, he lives in a world of hot takes and instant gratification.

Analysts, writers, and hosts have all come gunning for Young. He's an easy target. He's been written off by those who fail to acknowledge the mitigating circumstances surrounding his poor performance. The former Alabama star will be looking to make them eat their words next season and beyond.

When speaking to TMZ about the future, Young declared his excitement that better days were ahead under new head coach Dave Canales. He also claimed that overcoming severe adversity in Year 1 of his professional career is going to serve him well moving forward based on comments via The Bleacher Report.

"I'm definitely confident, and that comes from being able to play with the team that I have, being able to lean on my teammates, get a new coaching staff, I'm excited to work with them. I feel like I've grown, I've learned. I'm excited to improve this offseason. Get better at some things, I'm excited for year two. It wasn't the year that we wanted to have last year, some tough times, but you grow from that. I feel like as a team, we grew a lot closer through that. We're all in that together, we're all dedicated to turn that around, to improve and be better, so I'm excited for that journey."

Bryce Young via Bleacher Report

The Carolina Panthers need to do more for Young as part of their recruitment plans in the coming weeks. He also needs to improve some problem areas of his game. It didn't go as many hoped in 2023, but having a renowned quarterback developer such as Canales steering him in the right direction could be the spark if they hit it off.