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Keith Taylor Jr.
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Carolina Panthers OLB Frankie Luvu's impact

Although he's going relatively overlooked this offseason compared to others, the importance of Frankie Luvu to the Carolina Panthers' chances of making a splash next season cannot be overstated. The linebacker is switching to the interior within Ejiro Evero's creative 3-4 base scheme, although some analysts are now wondering whether he'll spend time at the edge rushing position opposite Brian Burns following the arrival of Deion Jones.

Regardless of where Luvu lines up, he's a difference-maker. The commitment, unrivaled enthusiasm in which he plays the game, and ability to inspire others make the former Washington State star an integral part of the team's plans - a sentiment echoed by head coach Frank Reich based on his comments via Sports Illustrated.

"He's a unique guy. Frankie [Luvu] is so unique. He has so much energy. He's such a good player, so versatile. I was talking to Scott [Fitterer] the other day and I said, 'how did we end up with this guy?' I mean, this was like the steal of the century getting Frankie on this team. Love his leadership, love his play. His consistency, his aggressiveness…we're in a good place with Frankie."

Frank Reich via Sports Illustrated

The Panthers lucked into Luvu by giving him a shot to make the team in 2021. This came during the Matt Rhule/Phil Snow era, so they deserve some credit considering how much New York Jets film they were watching during their Sam Darnold assessments.

This was one of the few moves Rhule got right in Carolina. It doesn't matter how Luvu arrived, the most important thing is he's on the Panthers and could be set to make himself some serious money in a contract year.