Panthers news: Bryce Young, Derrick Brown, draft dismay and David Tepper

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's frustration

After the best game of his fledgling professional career against the Green Bay Packers, it wasn't smooth sailing for Bryce Young in Week 17. He wasn't alone in that regard, but things just didn't click offensively once again en route to a dismal shutout loss in the Florida sunshine.

Young couldn't hide his emotion during the game, throwing a tablet on the sideline and cutting a forlorn figure throughout. As always, the No. 1 pick was accountable for his disappointing performance after the contest via the team's website. If others took the same approach, the Carolina Panthers might not be in this mess.

"(Jaguars) have a really good front, really good scheme. Definitely respect them. But it's a group effort. I could do a better job of getting the ball out quicker, more effective communication, making the right calls to put us in the best situations, to put everyone up front in the best situations so we're going to the right ball."

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The former Alabama star is probably desperate for his rookie campaign to end. He's taken incredible punishment, has almost no consistent pass-catching presence aside from Adam Thielen, and cannot seem to string together the consistency needed to thrive.

If the Panthers don't hire the correct people and do right by the signal-caller this offseason - especially considering what they gave up to acquire Young - it's nothing short of malpractice and incompetence.