4 major observations from Bryce Young's performance at the Jaguars in Week 17

How did QB1 fare in his final road game of 2023?

Bryce Young
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What were some major observations from Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young's performance at the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 17?

Coming off the first 300-yard passing performance of his professional career, all eyes were on quarterback Bryce Young to see if he could continue building momentum in Week 17. This is the single biggest positive for the Carolina Panthers over the last fortnight. With no Trevor Lawrence to worry about, it was seen as another opportunity to make things happen providing everyone else met expectations.

Young's had an up-and-down rookie campaign. The Panthers haven't been the most stable environment to flourish, but the signs of life recently indicate a bright future could be in the offing if those in power do right by the promising signal-caller this offseason.

This was also Young's last chance to pick up his first NFL road win. As it turned out, any positivity that was generated over the last fortnight evaporated with a hugely disappointing reverse.

With this in mind, here are four major observations from Young's performance at the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 17.

Bryce Young's toughness

There was a significant amount of concern surrounding Bryce Young when an early sack saw the signal-caller stay down with what appeared to be a back injury. It didn't take long for the critics to surface and question his durability - something that was evident throughout his pre-draft evaluations. Thankfully for the player and the Carolina Panthers, he shut them up immediately.

After a brief spell in the blue tent, Young returned to the lineup without missing a snap. If nothing else, this speaks volumes about the player's toughness. Something that can no longer be called into question given the amount of punishment he's taken behind a porous offensive line.