Panthers News: Bryce Young, D.J. Chark, Donte Jackson and D.J. Moore

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Donte Jackson
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Carolina Panthers WR D.J. Chark's mindset

One of the brightest spots by some margin over training camp so far is the rapid emergence of D.J. Chark as arguably the team's most prolific wide receiver. The Carolina Panthers could have a bargain on their hands if he brings this production through to the regular season, although staying healthy is the critical element of this equation that must go the player's way.

Chark's talent is undeniable. His top-level speed stretches the field at will and there is also a lot to like about his ability to bring in almost any contested catch under pressure.

This has already won Bryce Young's confidence and many fans are wondering whether another 1,000-yard receiving campaign might be in his immediate future. As for Chark, he's focusing on himself and ignoring all the outside noise in pursuit of helping his team based on comments via Joe Person of The Athletic.

"At the end of the day what someone says about me or thinks about me doesn’t affect anything because I know what I can do and I know what the guys around me believe. One thing I always pride myself on is making sure my team knows who I am. If you’re not on this team, then it really don’t matter what you think. Because the guys on this team — same as in Detroit — the guys on that team knew what I brought to the table every day at practice. I’m not slacking off at practice. I’m not slacking off in the game. I’m giving my all and I won those guys (in Detroit) over with work ethic. I’m gonna win my teammates here over with work ethic. Also be a great guy, a great teammate. But the work comes first."

D.J. Chark via The Athletic

Chark has a significant opportunity awaiting him in 2023. There is no guaranteed No. 1 option after the aforementioned D.J. Moore was shipped to the Chicago Bears, so targets should be plentiful iff the former second-round selection keeps up this level of performance in the coming weeks.