Panthers news: Bryce Young, Ejiro Evero, Jim Harbaugh and interviews

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Bryce Young
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Jim Harbaugh's potential fit

Nothing concrete has emerged surrounding the Carolina Panthers' reported interest in Jim Harbaugh. The veteran head coach is reveling in leading Michigan to a college football national championship. But there's no prolonged time to reflect on his success as serious NFL interest comes his way.

Harbaugh is projected to have his pick of jobs when push comes to shove. The Panthers have reportedly reached out to the respected figure - although unconfirmed. Schuyler Callihan from Sports Illustrated questioned whether the current state of affairs in Carolina might be off-putting compared to other situations around the league.

"Regardless of level, Harbaugh has won every stop. This man knows how to coach, lead a locker room, and most importantly, win football games. I don't question whether or not Harbaugh would be successful in Carolina. How is Tepper viewed by Harbaugh? Is it possible that he just sees him as a passionate owner who wants to do everything he can to win? Can the two co-exist? But it's more than just the optics of the owner. It's the situation he'd be walking into. No first-round pick, a team that is coming off a 2-15 season, and holes all over the roster. Is that as attractive as say, the Chargers' job where you have an established quarterback in Justin Herbert? Or even Washington, who has the second overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? For Carolina, it makes sense. For Harbaugh, it feels like there are better situations out there, including staying put at Michigan."

Schuyler Callihan, Sports Illustrated

While these are good points, it's worth remembering Harbaugh's representatives have reached out to team owner David Tepper previously. There might be a reluctance to hand absolute power to the Wolverines' coach, but this is exactly the sort of culture builder needed to take this once-proud franchise forward.