Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, Austin Corbett and Courtland Sutton

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's toughness

While those on the outside are unfairly criticizing Bryce Young, people following the Carolina Panthers a little closer can see the evident improvement from week to week. It's not an ideal situation right now at 0-6 with a depleted offensive line and skill position players that aren't up to the required standard, but the rookie quarterback is rolling with the punches and making encouraging strides nonetheless.

The introduction of offensive coordinator Thomas Brown as the team's new play-caller brings fresh hope things can start trending in the right direction. Until then, head coach Frank Reich is supremely confident in the No. 1 overall selection thanks in no small to his toughness based on comments via Carolina's website.

"There's zero question in my mind about Bryce Young's toughness. I didn't question it in the draft process, just because of the way he handled himself in his college career. But I can just tell you this: Six games into it, physical and mental toughness, he checks that box big time. I think that (toughness) is going to continue to grow and demonstrate itself. I'm sure he's never experienced anything like an 0-6 start. But the way he's handled that – the resolve and the determination you can see in his eyes and you can feel in his demeanor – is the way you would expect someone with his toughness and competitiveness to handle it."

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Young has yet to taste victory as an NFL starter. Some of that is through no real fault of his own, but what better time to end this drought than against the signal-caller taken one spot behind the former Alabama star in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Anything less is going to come with severe consequences attached.