Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, Austin Corbett and Courtland Sutton

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Courtland Sutton
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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich on offensive change

There haven't been many alterations - at least publicly - where the Carolina Panthers are concerned during their extended rest period. They kicked things off with one major alteration, with Frank Reich handing over play-calling duties to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown after a lackluster start to the campaign.

This was always going to be a natural progression at some stage this season. Carolina's failings as the NFL's only winless franchise probably sped things up a little, but Brown came into the organization on the premise this would happen before the 2023 campaign concluded.

When discussing the switch, head coach Frank Reich stated via USA Today Sports that this is now Brown's offense and he will not micromanage play calls in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.

"Thomas and I had another good discussion this morning just about the transition and about philosophy and our approach this week, in general. With every day, I feel great about it. Thomas is ready. It’ll be an organic thing. There’s still gonna be a lot of collaboration. Thomas is gonna be in charge. It’s not gonna be micromanaged. The staff will contribute like they do, but Thomas will be—his personality, his decision making will be the play-by-play decisions. What we do as a game-planning process—that will still stay the same as it’s been."

Frank Reich via USA Today Sports

This is welcome news and will no doubt avoid any unnecessary tension. Anyone expecting a complete shift will be out of luck but don't be surprised if things immediately look more fluid and play to rookie quarterback Bryce Young's strengths.