Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, Brian Burns and Damiere Byrd

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Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's assessment

The Carolina Panthers might not have picked up a victory against the Detroit Lions to conclude their preseason fixtures, but nobody came away from the game with anything other than genuine hope after watching Bryce Young strut his stuff. The quarterback has looked like everything those in power hoped for almost from the moment he arrived, which can hopefully continue into Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons and way beyond.

Young notched his first touchdown pass to Adam Thielen and led the Panthers on two straight scoring drives to further whet the appetite heading into the regular season. Something he's clearly looking forward to after limited involvement based on his comments via the team's website.

"Having these games under my belt, it's great to be able to take that [practice reps] and then translate to playing against others. Obviously, I haven't played in a regular season game before, and it's going to present challenges that (I) haven't faced yet. But I'm excited for that. And I understand the challenge that comes with it. I'm excited to grow through that."

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Expectations couldn't be much higher for Young. If the offensive line lives up to their end of the bargain once Frank Reich and Thomas Brown open up their scheme, it's hard to envisage a scenario where the former Alabama star doesn't lead Carolina to improved fortunes.

And who knows, perhaps some individual honors won't be too far behind either.