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Cam Newton gets into it with a 'fan'

Cam Newton is currently helping out the next generation as part of his 7-on-7 football camps. However, this doesn't stop some looking for their 15 minutes of fame from baiting the former NFL MVP in pursuit of a videoed response.

This is all part of the business, unfortunately. Newton's always been a polarizing figure in the national media through no real fault of his own, even if he'll always be truly beloved among Carolina Panthers fans for everything he gave the organization.

Newton hasn't completely given up on his football career despite playing very little football over the last two seasons. This included missing the entire 2022 campaign following his bombshell return to Carolina.

When an onlooker asked Newton a rhetorical question about never winning a Super Bowl ring, it got a rise from the No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft. This centered on their bank accounts being far different despite having the same number of rings.

One could say Newton didn't need to respond. On the other hand, why should he keep quiet and let someone feel like they've got one up on such a famous figure just for a little bit of social media clout?

What the future holds for Newton in terms of playing again seems pretty murky. However, the flamboyant Auburn product still deserves the utmost respect for everything he accomplished.