Panthers News: Bryce Young, Frank Reich, OL problems and Shi Smith

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Carolina Panthers in great hands with Bryce Young

It's been a small sample size from Bryce Young during the preseason, but he's rarely put a foot wrong despite the restrictions in terms of the Carolina Panthers offensive scheme. Something that's only heightened expectations about what the rookie quarterback could accomplish when the regular season finally commences.

Young's poise, precision, ability to manipulate the pocket, and improvise when things aren't developing as anticipated have been a breath of fresh air. And when Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated spoke to veteran edge rusher Justin Houston about his thoughts on the No. 1 overall selection, the recent arrival was in no doubt.

"This organization is in great hands."

Justin Houston via X

Considering how Houston has only been around Young for just over a week, this is high praise indeed. Especially considering the esteem in which the pass-rusher is held following a glittering professional career.

Young is only going to get better once the offense opens up. That won't be next weekend and the Panthers might not even play their prized possession in their preseason finale as they look to minimize the risk of injury before his competitive NFL debut.

The Panthers were absolutely convinced in Young's ability coming out of Alabama. He's done nothing to quash this confidence and has only enhanced it further after an outstanding preparation period.