Panthers News: Bryce Young, Ikem Ekwonu, Jonathan Mingo and D.J. Moore

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers blown away by Bryce Young's intelligence

Bryce Young has gained plenty of plaudits for his seamless transition into the Carolina Panthers. The quarterback's demeanor hasn't altered in the face of extreme pressure and although it's been a lot to handle, the No. 1 overall selection tackles everything with supreme conviction.

This has won over established veterans within the locker room and surged Young to atop the quarterback depth chart in a relatively short timeframe. It's also given the coaching staff plenty of reasons for optimism regarding their choice.

During a recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, analyst Dan Orlovsky - who almost joined the Panthers staff this offseason - stated via Yahoo Sports that Young's exceptional football acumen has shocked Carolina and is allowing them to expand their original plans considerably along the way.

"They are shocked how impressive Bryce Young is mentally. And I think even they are surprised with how mentally advanced he is—both, like, football playbook-wise, football feel-wise, situational kinda understanding. I think the big takeaway right now, Pat, is they don’t feel like there is a single part of his game that holds them back from unloading their whole playbook. And that’s so rare for a rookie quarterback. You know how it is—sometimes you give ’em 20 percent. ‘Hey, we’re gonna pare down our game plan for the young kid.’ There’s not a single thing—it’s actually the opposite. They honestly think that because he’s so good mentally they can expand their playbook to what it has been—and that’s kinda taken them by surprise."

Dan Orlovsky via Yahoo Sports

This couldn't be any more encouraging. Young's elite mindset, rapid-fire processing, and work ethic are the platforms from which to build - so all signs point to hitting the ground running when Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons arrives.