Panthers News: Bryce Young, Jaycee Horn, Hard Knocks and D.J. Chark

Jaycee Horn
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's electricity

While Bryce Young isn't seen as the most outgoing or flamboyant quarterback that's ever graced the NFL, that doesn't detract from his aura. The quiet confidence and ruthless efficiency won teammates around and blew coaches away almost instantly, which is exactly what those in power hoped for when they made their daring move to No. 1 overall to secure his services.

Young's seamless transition throughout early workouts only increased the buzz. Something that didn't go unnoticed by former players that visited the facility to see how things were unfolding under Frank Reich's new era.

One such individual was Thomas Davis Sr. And the ex-linebacker compared Young's electricity to that of Cam Newton when he arrived in Carolina during an appearance on Good Morning Football via USA Today Sports.

"You look at when Cam [Newton] came into Carolina and the environment that was surrounded around Cam and how the atmosphere was so electric—I feel that same kind of electricity with Bryce Young right now. It’s debatable to see if he can bring what Cam brought to the team. But I just think the sky’s the limit for this kid because he wants to be great and you can see it."

Thomas Davis Sr. via USA Today Sports

This was high praise indeed. Young and Newton are two very different personalities, but they represent franchise figureheads that everyone seems to gravitate towards.

That is what the Panthers need above all else. And they've bet big that Young can rapidly emerge into a worthy successor for the 2015 NFL MVP three years after his initial release.