Panthers News: Bryce Young, Justin Houston, Steve Smith and power rankings

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Carolina Panthers faith in Bryce Young

Bryce Young produced the goods when the Carolina Panthers needed him most against the Atlanta Falcons. It was a war of attrition in difficult conditions. But the rookie quarterback led a masterful final drive that eventually concluded with a walk-off field goal from Eddy Pineiro.

This was much-needed from Young. Any positivity the signal-caller can get from a turbulent campaign is a bonus. It's also reaffirmed some faith in what the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft might be capable of in the coming years.

Young's steady calmness and the fact he installed belief were topics discussed by team writer Darin Gantt in his weekly mailbag. His leadership and toughness aren't in question. Making big plays in crucial moments was the core takeaway that should stand the player in good stead moving forward.

"Teammates and coaches talk about having that kind of faith in him, but even the strongest faith gets tested when there are no results backing up your beliefs. But when they talk about Young, it sounds like they're describing someone far older than 22 because he exudes the kind of steady calm you have to have to deal with these kinds of things. But he also needed to make some plays, and he did that Sunday. He didn't just sputter along; he was dealing, and he was dealing in conditions that were not conducive to passing the football."

Darin Gantt,

This weekend's game is another opportunity for Young to impress. The Green Bay Packers' secondary is going through some complications in 2023. Don't be surprised if the former Alabama star enjoys another profitable afternoon.