Panthers News: Bryce Young, Matt Rhule, Hall of Honor and Ikem Ekwonu

Bryce Young
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Former Carolina Panthers head coach throws more shade

He's at it again.

Yes, despite being fired after Week 5 of the 2022 season, Matt Rhule is still throwing shade at the Carolina Panthers and offering no accountability for the complete incompetence that enveloped his reign of terror. This is almost unbelievable considering how he's still getting paid millions from a franchise he dragged into the football abyss over three seasons at the helm.

Rhule described his experience in Carolina as going through a fire during comments via Pete Thamel of ESPN. Something he's keen to avoid again after accepting an offer to become Nebraska's head coach.

"Going through the fire in Carolina was a purifying fire that melts away all the impurities, all the hubris, all the worrying about stuff that doesn't matter. I learned very much to worry about what matters. I have a focus and a desire in me. I watched what my kids had to go through in Carolina, and we're not going to let 'em go through that here."

Matt Rhule via ESPN

Of course, sympathy for Rhule is non-existent across the Panthers fanbase and perhaps even some players, too. No proper development, suspect evaluation, and blaming everyone but himself for the team's failings was not the right way to go about things during a marriage that was doomed to fail almost from the start.

Besides, watching Rhule's football product was far worse for fans than anything the coach experienced. One only has to see how the Panthers have thrived without him to see that he was the biggest complication of all.