Panthers News: Bryce Young, power rankings, D.J. Moore and no excuses

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D.J. Moore
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Contextualizing Bryce Young

It's been a rough few days for Bryce Young. The rookie quarterback came in for severe criticism after his three-interception showing against the Indianapolis Colts - two of which were returned for touchdowns - which was made worse by C.J. Stroud's record-breaking performance to clinch a dramatic victory for the Houston Texans in Week 9.

Young should be fine if the Carolina Panthers do right by him this offseason. There'll be plenty of ups and downs over the next nine games before that time, but head coach Frank Reich stated via ESPN that some context must be attached to his error-prone outing at Bank of America Stadium last time out.

"I've seen the best quarterbacks in the game have way worse games than this. Way worse. So you don't flinch. … This ultimately is put into a category of just another step of getting us to where we want to be. We take some lumps in the meantime, and it sets us back. But we believe in who we're doing it with and the way we're doing it. Coming into this game, I felt like he was hitting a rhythm. This is a step backwards for us as an offense. … We went out and laid an egg."

Frank Reich via ESPN

The former Alabama star was progressing encouragingly before this horror show, which seems to have been forgotten by some. However, what's important is keeping the bigger picture in mind and ensuring Young is surrounded by the pieces and schematic concepts that enable him to thrive.

Until then, one suspects it will be a rollercoaster ride for Young and the Panthers.