Panthers News: Bryce Young, Scott Fitterer, Brian Burns and Cam Newton

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Bryce Young
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Former Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton's reasoning

Even though Cam Newton hasn't played much football over the last two years, the former NFL MVP remains a media darling and someone that generates plenty of interest. He is an iconic figure to most Carolina Panthers fans, who idolized him throughout his time with the franchise and continue to do so until this day.

That said, there are always those from the younger generation that don't hold the same opinion. Something that saw Newton go viral this week when a video featuring a back-and-forth with a teenage heckler became public.

When discussing the incident on Twitter (I'm not calling it X, sorry Elon), Newton stated via USA Today Sports that he didn't mind getting into disagreements such as this providing the person involved is willing to take whatever they're dishing out. That goes for anyone looking for a rise from a sporting figure or celebrity.

"So too many times, we’ve seen people—hecklers, fans, whatever—give off an energy not knowing that they may get what they’re asking for. As a fan, you’re free to say whatever you want to say. My issue comes when you play the victim. You started this and the energy that you are giving, I just matched it. If a child is bold enough to speak to an adult, then that child should also take what that adult is giving to them. Usually, somebody will say something that gets thrown out of context. Not in this case. Not in this day and age. Because the athlete, the entertainer, the person of influence has an opportunity to tell their narrative. And that’s all I’m doing right now."

Cam Newton via USA Today Sports

This seems fair enough. Even if it gave those who've always looked to put Newton down over the years extra ammunition.