Panthers News: Bryce Young, Scott Fitterer, LaBryan Ray and pads popping

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's expectations

Having such huge expectations isn't a new concept to Bryce Young. The quarterback's had to deal with such things ever since his days as a high school phenom in Southern California before making his way to Alabama, winning a Heisman Trophy, and becoming the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Carolina Panthers invested a significant amount in Young. Therefore, fans and those in power are probably looking for an immediate return on their investment in some capacity.

That might be unfair to someone with everything to prove at the next level. But based on Young's comments via David Newton of ESPN, the mindset remains the same no matter how much is expected right out of the gate.

"Lofty expectations aren't something new. I've always taken the same approach. Whatever people are talking about, it is what it is. It's stuff that I can't control. Making sure that my teammates, my coaches, what we set [as goals] in the building, that’s who I listen to. That's the expectations that we come up with together and build together as a team."

Bryce Young via ESPN

It's been a mixed bag for Young throughout camp so far. The signal-caller is undertaking a crash course in what to expect when he takes the field in Week 1 at the Atlanta Falcons, but his mentality to be the best and the skills he possesses mean that it would be a major disappointment if the Panthers didn't begin to make strides on offense next season.

And who knows, perhaps one day the Panthers might have another NFL MVP candidate on their hands.