Panthers News: Bryce Young, Terrace Marshall, Frank Reich and CB need

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Carolina Panthers cannot focus on Bryce Young's cost

The Carolina Panthers had to do something at football's most crucial position. Relying on veterans on the decline or mid-level draft picks was no longer an option - going bold for the top pick and Bryce Young was the only viable solution.

Young's been on another level in terms of mindset and overall football intelligence since joining the Panthers. While some skeptics can't get around his size and frame, they'll be eating their words if the former Alabama star's immediate impact continues into the regular season.

It was a steep price to pay to acquire Young, but as Adam Rank from recently pointed out, it's just the way things work. If it lands Carolina another franchise presence under center, one couldn't put a price on that whatsoever.

"Was it expensive? Indeed it was. But that's the cost of doing QB business in the NFL. It is going to require three first-rounders to get that top pick. Obviously, in this case, the Bears took D.J. Moore instead of a 2025 first, but you get what I'm saying. Look, I know it's going to suck if/when you see those mock drafts for 2024 and you don't have a first-round pick -- especially if you're bad this fall and end up like the Rams and Broncos in the 2023 draft. But I'll tell you what: There is nothing like watching your team and knowing you have your quarterback of the future. Oh, wait -- your last No. 1 overall pick was Cam Newton. You know what it's like. You're fine."

Adam Rank,

The Panthers are hoping their first-round pick in 2024 will be in the mid-teens or early twenties. But this is almost entirely dependent on how Young fares and whether his primary pass-catchers can offset Moore's departure.