Panthers News: Bryce Young, Yetur Gross-Matos, Frank Reich and Thomas Brown

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Yetur Gross-Matos
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Carolina Panthers faith in Bryce Young

It might not be visible to the casual fan, but Bryce Young has actually improved with every passing week. What's preventing the quarterback from having C.J. Stroud-type impact is a bland, predictable offensive system that seems to indicate a complete lack of confidence in the signal-caller.

This is a weird way to approach things from Frank Reich's perspective. Maybe he's treating Young like a protective father, but with the Carolina Panthers sitting on no wins and confidence in his coaching abilities waning among the fanbase, now is the time to take off the kid gloves and see what the No. 1 overall pick can do within a more expansive system.

When discussing Young recently, Reich stated that it's a collective process to get the offense clicking based on his comments via David Newton of ESPN. The head coach also declared that once Carolina starts winning, everything else should fall into place.

"As an offense, we’ve got to get the chunk plays in. We’ve just got to get the whole operation better. That’s on all of us. That’s not just on Bryce. He is the quarterback, so it runs through him, but eliminating the mistakes, the pre-snap penalties, these situations where we’re putting ourselves behind the sticks. Once you get a win, it kind of switches everything. It’s more positive. It’s more exciting, fun. You know what it’s like to finish the game and come in here and cheer. You do that once, you to it twice, and then you start thinking you’re supposed to win. I do think there are defining moments. What it’s going to take is we’re going to get in that moment and we’re going to finish. Many times that can be a catalyst to get things going, to breathe some confidence back into the team."

Frank Reich via ESPN

This seems to be missing the point. Unless Reich becomes receptive to an innovative way of thinking, nothing much is going to change.