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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton's altercation

Cam Newton is carving out a successful life for himself away from the NFL. The former Carolina Panthers icon is a fast riser in the media world. He's a business mogul. He also takes time to give back as part of his 7-on-7 youth project.

This is something not many do with so much commitment. Instead of taking the opportunity to learn from one of the league's greatest-ever dual threats at the quarterback position, people use this opportunity to take shots at the 2015 NFL MVP.

The latest example of this emerged on Sunday. Newton was targeted at a 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta, where he was jumped by two individuals. This resulted in a mini-melee that went viral on social media.

Just why any mere mortal would think about taking on a man of Newton's size and strength is beyond me. The two culprits got away lightly. They were thrown around like rag dolls, but the former No. 1 overall selection wasn't dishing out any punches for fear of the situation escalating further.

Newton is a busy man. He's giving up his time to help the next generation and provide them with opportunities they might not receive otherwise. But this is a different age. Clout chasing and tearing people down seems to be more desirable than acquiring useful knowledge from a potential Pro Football Hall of Famer.

He deserves credit for the way the situation was handled. Newton will carry on with the initiative undeterred, one suspects. Even if he's well within his right to walk away entirely after being disrespected beyond measure.

It's a sad world we live in sometime