Did Cam Newton just officially announce his retirement?

The former Carolina Panthers quarterback seems to be done.

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Did former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton officially announce his retirement in a typically unconventional manner?

Cam Newton has never done things the conventional way. It's a big part of what made him such an iconic quarterback during his glory days with the Carolina Panthers. It seems as if this is continuing with his long-awaited retirement announcement.

The NFL has moved on from Newton. He's moved on from the NFL. He is a family man and business mogul. The former No. 1 overall selection is also making a genuine name for himself as an independent media presence.

It's been a long time since Newton was a legitimate starting option. His only season with the New England Patriots was the last time we saw him for a consistent period. There was a bombshell return to the Panthers in 2021, but this ended up being more of a PR stunt to appease David Tepper's disillusioned fanbase than anything more substantial.

Cam Newton has moved on from the Carolina Panthers and NFL

Besides, this was not the same Panthers culture Newton was part of during the mid-2010s when they came agonizingly close to a first-ever Super Bowl for the franchise. Speculation about another move continued to surface on occasion, but it seems as if the Heisman Trophy winner is officially done with his comeback attempts.

During an in-depth conversation with Vinciane Ngomsi from The Boardroom, Newton declared that he was no longer considering himself a football player. He's a YouTuber now and a successful one at that. But it doesn't mean the game didn't teach him a significant amount to thrive during the next stage of his professional journey away from the gridiron.

"So you’re asking me, ‘Okay Cam, are you still playing football?’ My answer is ‘Hell no.’ But I’m busier than I’ve ever been because I could take what football taught me and implement it in every single one of my businesses. The structure, the discipline, the sacrifice, the mental stamina that’s needed. And that’s the conversation. The grind. The joy is in the journey."

Cam Newton via The Boardroom

This will be disappointing to those who harbored some slight hope Newton would get another NFL opportunity somewhere. Even if coming back after so long away had the scope to jeopardize his exceptional legacy.

Newton's comments shouldn't go unnoticed by the Panthers. They should reach out to the beloved signal-caller to see if he'd be willing to officially sign a one-day contract to retire as a member of the organization he propelled from obscurity into the national spotlight. After all his sacrifice and all the punishment taken throughout an illustrious career, some adulation in retirement is the least he deserves.

Did Newton's career end as everyone hoped? Of course not. That doesn't detract from the immense impact he made on and off the field in Charlotte and across the next generation of signal-callers following in his footsteps.

Judging by the impact Newton's making in the media world, he will be front and center until further notice. It just won't be where fans have been more accustomed to seeing arguably the best dual-threat quarterback in NFL history.

Time moves on. People are forced to pivot. Newton recognized this long ago. There might be a sign of unfinished business for some fans who've idolized him for more than a decade, but there should also be excitement about what comes next.

And whatever the future has in store for Newton, he's going to excel.