Has Cam Newton admitted defeat in quest for an NFL return?

Has the former NFL MVP given up the ghost?

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

Has former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton admitted defeat in his quest for a long-awaited return to an NFL roster?

Cam Newton doesn't owe the game of football anything. The quarterback gave his absolute all - often to his physical detriment - to the cause. This made him a revolutionary presence under center - someone who inspired the next generation through an electrifying playing style that captivated audiences around the country.

Newton's been out of the league since his bombshell return to the Carolina Panthers in 2021. He's made countless attempts to get back into the game. Despite his best efforts, the NFL seems to be moving on from one of the best dual-threats of all time.

Cam Newton speaks out on NFL future

When discussing his ambitions to play again during a visit to Audacy's V-103 Hip-Hop station in Atlanta, Newton seems to be giving up the ghost based on comments via press release. After the way the signal-caller's been treated, who could blame him?

"I don’t need the NFL… I scare people…Because you can't control me. I'm not a puppet. I cut them strings off a long time ago. If that would've been the case, they would've told me without telling me to, ‘Cut your dreads.’ They would've told me without telling me to just, ‘Be a little quiet.’ They would've told me without telling me, ‘Why you making it about you – how you dress?’ But as some of us know in this space, I dress like this every day. This ain't a facade. This ain't a front. This is me. And if you can't, you know, welcome me with open arms, then I'm not for you. And I think people need to understand that you are not for everybody."

Cam Newton via Audacy

Newton's never been a conformist - no innovators are. Yet to be cast aside so mercilessly while others far less talented continue getting constant opportunities is a slap in the face to a man who was the league's face once upon a time.

His interests beyond football are growing exponentially. Newton is a business mogul. He is thriving in his various media ventures. His upcoming I Am iConic - Live Tour with Brandon Marshall is generating significant interest.

Newton deserved to go out on his terms. He was treated poorly by the Panthers on his way out of the door. Carolina has been paying for it ever since - not even the former No. 1 overall selection out of Auburn could save them a second time around.

Filing retirement papers sooner rather than later isn't Newton bowing to the notion he isn't even good enough to be a backup. It's about the Heisman Trophy winner getting what he's owed.

He deserves all the accolades coming his way once the news becomes official. Newton is a lock to make the Panthers Hall of Honor. There will be heated discussions about whether his glittering career is worthy of an induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The way things ended will always be tinged with sadness among Panthers fans. They idolized Newton from start to finish. They'll remain loyal until the end. He gave them a sense of belonging and almost single-handedly altered the culture in Charlotte along the way.

Newton is a highly intelligent individual who's forgotten more about football than most will ever know. He likely knows the end of the road has arrived. But nobody can take away just what a dominant force he was at the peak of his powers.

As for Newton's other interests, he's just getting started…