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Carolina Panthers must do more to help Bryce Young

It was another game where Bryce Young got no time before pressure arrived. The quarterback was sacked seven times against the Dallas Cowboys, which lent further weight to the claims he cannot be properly evaluated with so many mitigating circumstances working against him.

Young barely had time to look up after getting the football in hand before Cowboys players were all over him. When discussing the No. 1 pick, left tackle Ikem Ekwonu stated via the team's website that everyone on the Carolina Panthers must do more to assist the signal-caller moving forward.

"He's a dog. That's our guy, that's our leader. Some of the things that you don't see when it comes to this motivation and just leading men, that's something that he already has at a young age. So it's been impressive. It's been fun to watch him being able to kind of guide us where we need to go, and we're all behind him. And the team goes, we know, where he goes, and we're always going to have his back no matter what. And at the end of the day, you know, keep him clean. You see what he can do."

Ikem Ekwonu via

This cannot continue for much longer. Either find the right solutions, raise the performance levels, or take Young out of the firing line completely for the rest of 2023 to prevent long-term damage.

They are the only remaining options.