Panthers news: Cam Newton, Nicole Tepper, Josh McCown and Derrick Brown

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Derrick Brown
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Cam Newton tells his side

After waiting for everything to simmer down, Cam Newton finally gave his side of the story regarding the altercation during a 7-on-7 tournament in Atlanta. The former Carolina Panthers quarterback was set upon by two individuals before manhandling both of them simultaneously. Everyone had an opinion on the topic, with almost everyone throwing their support behind the former No. 1 overall selection out of Auburn.

Newton could have lambasted the pair after they accused him of provoking the clash beforehand. Instead, the Heisman Trophy winner took the high road and held himself accountable during the latest edition of his 4th-and-1 podcast. He also offered an apology to those impacted via USA Today Sports.

"To every single high school player, to every single person I’ve influenced, to every single athlete—use my situation as a way to understand, that in one moment and one decision, your life can change. Just like that. And I let my emotions get the best of me, and it should not have been called for. Simple. And with that, I apologize to anybody affected—that’s Steph, that’s TJ, that’s their organization, that’s C1N, my organization, that’s my players, my parents, my staff members."

Cam Newton via USA Today Sports

This typifies Newton's overall character. He's never thrown anybody under the bus. He holds himself to the highest standards and isn't afraid to take blame, even when it's not warranted. It speaks volumes about the person he is.

That should be the end of it, hopefully. Looking at how Newton expertly dealt with the two attackers, it would be surprising to see someone attempt something similar anytime soon.