Cam Newton scuffle: A modern depiction of worrying times

It was extremely disappointing...

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's weekend scuffle represents a modern depiction of worrying times.

Cam Newton has inspired a generation of quarterbacks who are playing their trade successfully around the league today. From Sam Howell to Jalen Hurts and C.J. Stroud, they've all credited the former NFL MVP for transcending the game. Even current Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young acknowledges the impact he's had on his rise to prominence.

Giving back is something high on Newton's list of priorities. Although he's a busy man after seemingly giving up on his NFL dream, he always sets time aside to assist the next generation as part of his thriving 7-on-7 initiative.

This is a sensational opportunity to learn from someone who was the league's face once upon a time. Instead, it seems people are always keen to take their shot. The latest example came on Sunday.

Cam Newton deserves better for giving so much

A video that went viral on social media saw two men attempt to jump Newton. They were expertly dealt with by the No. 1 overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft, who handled himself impeccably amid the chaos. The only damage to the culprits was the embarrassment of being thrown around like rag dolls - one arm apiece.

Fans, players past and present, and even most analysts have come out in support of Newton following the incident. Just why anyone thought it would be a good idea to engage with a 6-foot-5 athletic specimen with NFL-caliber strength is anyone's guess. What it does represent is a modern depiction of worrying times.

We live in a world of clout-chasing and tearing people down - it's evident all over the world in almost every form of life. Newton doesn't have to give up so much of his precious time. He wants to provide opportunities to kids who might not get that shot otherwise. And yet, that's not enough for some.

It wasn't long ago any youngster in the presence of an NFL player would seize the moment. They would ask countless questions. They would be respectful. They would grasp the opportunity to find out more about what it takes to reach the pinnacle.

While that's still the case with many, there's also a level of ignorance with some who think they've already made it - that goes for coaches, too. After most fail themselves to make the big time, they live vicariously through others. They make it all about them rather than focusing their attention on teaching kids. Pretty pathetic, if we're being honest.

Newton did well to keep his cool - he's a better man than me in that sense. But you could bet your bottom dollar that if he'd swung punches and they'd connected, a lawsuit would be arriving soon after.

Again, it's a sign of the times.

Newton is well within his right to walk away from his 7-on-7 initiative after this incident. He doesn't need the stress and certainly, doesn't need to be confronted with such contempt. After all, there are a lot of envious characters around harboring resentment that they weren't good enough to make a successful NFL career for themselves.

He'll carry on. That's the sort of high-character guy Newton is. He's not going to let a couple of bitter upstarts ruin all the hard work put in by himself or the players. Besides, there aren't many out there dumb enough to try something like this upon further review of the footage, one suspects.

The world is changing. In some cases for the good. But in this instance, not so much.