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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's contract

Bryce Young is less than two weeks away from attending his first NFL training camp. And the No. 1 pick's representatives are still trying to finalize his contract with the Carolina Panthers.

While the rookie pay scale means Young will get more than any other prospect entering the league this year, it's not that simple. How the financial elements are structured involves complex negotiations and at least for now, no party has been willing to budge on the more intricate parts of the deal.

This isn't any cause for alarm right now. Although that could change if there's any chance of Young missing training camp practices to avoid risking injury until the contract is signed.

Joel Corry of CBS Sports went into great detail about why high-end draft picks such as Young and C.J. Stroud have yet to sign. But the writer outlined that Carolina could make some concessions given that the former Alabama star already has the No. 1 job sown up after a phenomenal initial transition.

"The [Carolina] Panthers have already named [Bryce] Young as their starting quarterback. Making sure Young doesn't miss any of training camp, especially once the veterans report on July 25, could lead to the Panthers making contractual exceptions for him. The lump sum payment is the more likely contract exception because it will be easier for the Panthers to justify given the more extensive recent history of a signing bonus being paid in its entirety shortly after signing."

Joel Corry, CBS Sports

Everything should work itself and fans know that the Panthers have some outstanding front office figures handling business these days. Therefore, the chances of Young not having something concrete to sign before camp seems extremely unlikely.