Panthers News: Chris Tabor, Cam Newton, elevations and Week 17

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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton on Carolina Panthers contract

Cam Newton is making more headlines than ever. The former Carolina Panthers quarterback is taking the media world by storm. He's ruffling some feathers, but that's been the case throughout his NFL journey for the flamboyant, polarizing figure.

The 2015 NFL MVP is providing insight into the current game eloquently. Newton is also divulging information about his time in the league. His latest revelations centered on his bumper five-year, $103 million contract extension with the Panthers heading into the best campaign of his career.

Newton stated via Sportskeeda that winning the MVP one season after signing the contract saved Carolina money in the long run. One of the league's best dual-threat quarterbacks of all time also threw shade at ex-general manager Dave Gettleman, who failed to provide the former Auburn standout with the tools needed for prolonged success throughout his deal.

"I signed my deal the year before I won MVP. At that time it was astronomical. Some people agreed. Some people didn’t like it. Boom, the next year I won MVP. The reality is this: they saved money. If I would’ve signed the deal after we went to the Super Bowl, that price would’ve shot up so high, I would’ve probably put the team in a worse situation because the market value would’ve been so extreme that we wouldn’t have had the money to go after receivers. It was [ex-Panthers GM] Dave Gettleman. And where is he? While you ask Siri where he is right now, she’s like ‘this may take a moment’."

Cam Newton via Sportskeeda

It's another hot topic of discussion among the fanbase. What Newton accomplished with a less-than-stellar supporting cast overall was remarkable - especially in 2015. Nothing can change that fact.