Panthers news: Dan Morgan, David Tepper, Brian Callahan and comfort blankets

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David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers comfort blanket

It's no secret that David Tepper likes to involve himself in the football operations. One could argue that he's well within his right to do so as the team's owner. However, there are countless examples around the league of meddling from the very top bringing little in the way of success.

Do you hear anything from ownership of teams such as the San Francisco 49ers or Baltimore Ravens? No. That's because there is a stable structure in place that enables football professionals to go about their business without any pressure. Something that Tepper has yet to grasp.

Perhaps Dan Morgan's new title - president of football operations/general manager - indicates there will be a shift in approach and less ownership involvement. But Josina Anderson of CBS Sports revealed the previous "trust and embedded comfort" meant this was a done deal from a long way out. Perhaps even from the beginning.

"League sources have consistently remarked from the beginning that Dan Morgan had the trust and embedded comfort of owner David Tepper. One league source who just chimed in added he feels like Morgan was Tepper’s guy all along. A new era begins."

Josina Anderson via X/Twitter

This shouldn't shock anybody. Tepper likes to surround himself with those who've enabled his behavior previously. All fans can do is pray things will start trending upward and hope Morgan can overcome the obvious adversity heading into an offseason of critical importance.