Panthers news: Dan Morgan, Derrick Brown, Jaycee Horn and Greg Olsen

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Derrick Brown
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Dan Morgan's seal of approval

Dan Morgan comes with steely determination and a primary goal in mind. He wants the Carolina Panthers to return their ethos to the foundations of old. Ones that form a core component of the franchise's DNA. Something that's gradually evaporated since David Tepper became owner.

Whether you liked Morgan getting a promotion or not, he knows what the fabric of Panthers football means. This got a glowing seal of approval from former Carolina signal-caller Cam Newton, who highlighted the need to form an identity capable of taking the organization into better days based on comments via Sports Illustrated.

"He knows the city. He knows what the culture is. He went to the Super Bowl, with that 2003 team. He has some type of tenure in understanding what the fans’ expectations are. He’s been around, right? Buffalo, Seattle many franchises that he’s able to pluck and pull, ‘okay I want to implement these types of things.’ He knows the right way to do things. He’s been around some successful organizations. Even with him, it goes to show, what is going to be the focus? They have to identify what that is. If we want to stop the run? Okay cool, to stop the run you’ve got to invest in the front seven. We want to stop the pass? Focus on the secondary. It’s evident going into the draft, the offseason, what the focus is. I think curating what the focus is, for the team identity, is essential."

Cam Newton via Sports Illustrated

There is a lot of hard work ahead for Morgan. Some pressing priorities and difficult decisions await the new front-office leader. An aligned vision will help, but anyone expecting an immediate return to contention might be out of luck.